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It was very nice meeting you, Ken,

Thank you for a very interesting 4 days of touring in and around Tokyo.

Your knowledge of the history, customs, and religion was very informative and helped us understand more about Japanese culture.  You made it fun but educated us at the same time.

Thanks again

Doug and Kathy Harris

Toronto, ON, Canada

I recently had the pleasure of using Ken Oka as my tour guide in Tokyo.  I was a solo traveler.  We had two separate four hour tours that I was able to tailor to my interests.  Ken met me at my hotel and we journeyed from there both days.  He was professional and knowledgeable.  He was also courteous and pleasant to work with.  I could relax and enjoy my trip leaving the logistics of subway travel etc to Ken.  It made for a very memorable experience.  Ken even went above and beyond when I broke my eyeglasses.  He found a place for me to get new glasses which we ordered before we set out for our day and picked up at the end of the day. He was also available by email for me to ask questions prior to my departure to Tokyo.  I highly recommend him as a tour guide! 


Teresa Shook

The smartest thing I did to ensure the success of our recent visit to Tokyo was to select Ken Oka as our Guide. We asked Ken to arrange three off our five-days in Tokyo over August/September 2019, that would extend our previous exposure to Japanese art and artefacts, museums, gardens, classic and modern architecture and traditional woodblock prints. He devised an excellent itinerary that more than met our expectations. As well as being well across these topics Ken proved to be a most enjoyable companion and was very considerate of our wellbeing; he even had a booklet showing the lifts and escalators that linked the various levels that the Tokyo train networks operate on!

We have no hesitation in recommending Ken's service to others wanting to understand a bit more about this fascinating culture and amazing metropolis.


Dorothy & Jeremy Caldicott

Melbourne, Australia

Tokyo has more vinyl record stores than any other city in the world and if you’re a collector like my wife and I there is no one better to help you navigate the scene than Ken. His detailed preparation and invaluable knowledge of Tokyo means you can focus on seeing as many sellers as possible in the time you have. What could have taken us a week or more took just a few days. Believe us when we say some sellers are as hard to find as the records themselves!


Mark Leek

Melbourne, Australia

Ken is best described as a friend guide.

It is good to book Ken’s services in advance but if you need a guide at the last minute do not hesitate to contact him because if he has a vacancy he will work quickly to meet your needs. We are only English speakers and we found Ken to be an excellent communicator. Ken’s style of guiding is not to give directions and set the pace. He almost stays in the background while at the same time making sure you are seeing and doing what you want with the maximum comfort and ease.

He is very flexible and happy to help you negotiate some train travel and sightseeing by yourselves when you are feeling confident. Ken is 100% reliable and very resourceful. I had a medical situation during my visit and he took charge of everything. He was my Guardian Angel.


There was a lot to enjoy in Tokyo and best of all for my husband and I was meeting Ken.


Ruth & David Melbourne, Australia

We have only good things to say about our 2019 Tokyo trip!! What a city and delicious food. Nothing of this would've been possible without our guide Ken Oka from Japan Culture Guide.

Since I planned this trip from home in the USA and I contacted Ken, he was open and very accommodating to fit or top sites to visit in our 3 days in Tokyo. This included from Shrines, beautiful architect, amazing food, different neighborhood culture, markets, museums, palaces and much more. Ken created a 3 day schedule for us according to our request that it was perfect, we try to do so much in such a short time but he was a good sport! 

We where super happy with his service, navigating in Tokyo and trying to figure it out by ourselves the metro lines would have taken so much precious time, time that it was well spent in visiting sites and eating so much food.


I really like that Ken it was very nice and very professional, he was always looking after us and making sure to answer  any question, translate for us or help us with a purchase. Also,he  was open to change or to modify the itinerary if needed in case we decide to stay longer in a place or skip a place, or take a break he always had a great attitude... for sure thumbs up!!


We didn't want to go with other guides services because they have their own schedule & itinerary and there is no much for you to change, Ken Oka will make sure to put together a personalize Tokyo tour according of what you want to see or let him to recommend you an itinerary that can fit your interest.


Me, my husband & our best friend were super happy to had Ken as a guide. 100% recommended.


Inna, Sven & Gina - USA

We thoroughly enjoyed our full day tour of Tokyo with Ken. His email communication from the time I first contacted him until the morning he met us at our hotel was excellent and helped us greatly with all of the logistics.  He also prepared a detailed and very professional itinerary for us so we knew where and what we were about to embark upon. Upon meeting us, he handed us pass cards for the trains and subways which made our moving around the city effortless.  Prior to our trip we mentioned that we wished to eat authentic Japanese food while there.  He made reservations for lunch for us at a Japanese restaurant the we enjoyed very much.  Even though he would not be joining us for dinner, he made reservations and arranged for a multi-course dinner for us which was fabulous.  The entire dining experience was one of the highlights of our day.  


Ken’s tour gave us an excellent taste of the city and we felt we saw many cross sections of Tokyo.  He is very knowledgeable about the history of Tokyo and gave us an excellent explanation of the history of the emperors, the Imperial Palace and the Meiji Shrine.  We were lucky to have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Rikugien Gardens while the Azaleas were in bloom.  The colors of the flowers were brilliant and the entire scene was a special experience.  Ken took us to a teahouse in the gardens and we sat amid the lovely scenery while drinking a cup of tea.  In addition, Ken took us through the Asakusa shopping area to the Sensoji Temple and Asakusa Shrine and explained the history of both to us.


Ken is an outstanding tour guide and we highly recommend him.  We hope to have the opportunity to visit Japan in the future and tour with Ken again.


Judy and Mark - USA

... Thank you again for a wonderful day and for sharing so much information with us. It was a very informative and fun day for us all and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. It was a pleasure to meet you.
Mike J. Denny, Britain
Thanks for sharing your in-depth knowledge of Japanese history and culture with us. It was a very informative personal guided tour.
Sincere appreciation
Margaret and Dorothy, Australia
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