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Are you looking for a guide in Tokyo?


Hi, I'm Ken Oka,

a private guide in Tokyo Japan with international business experience &

deep knowledge about Japanese culture.

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Plan to visit Tokyo?
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If you are looking for a tour guide in Tokyo, You reached the right website.


Thank you for coming to my website. My name is Ken Oka, a professional tour guide (Licensed as an English Guide Interpreter by the Japanese government) in Tokyo, Japan. As a tour guide, I think I have some distinctive features in my guiding style. First, I am a private guide and do not attend large group tours arranged by travel agencies. Second, I built my website(here!) by myself to contact potential customers directly. Lastly, I am an area-specific guide concentrating on Tokyo capital city and its suburbs. Do you like to know the reasons? Please kindly read below to understand my points of view.

Guiding is a human-to-human exchange

2020-21 was an exceptional year because of the worldwide pandemic. I did not have any guests from overseas for more than two years. I had to stay home and limited face-to-face communication with friends and colleagues under public restrictions. Our life has changed completely due to coronavirus. I seriously thought of my guiding job during the period. I concluded that human interaction is the most crucial life element. Conveying knowledge and information about history and culture is a part of my service, but the priority does not exist there. I believe more and more families and retired couples will come to Japan once tourism resumes. I want to be a co-creator of your travel and to help you enjoy a different life and culture in Tokyo. The difficult period allowed me to realize the importance of human-to-human exchange.

A pitue with a guest family

A private guide is flexible, and everything is personalized

As I contact you through my website and start the dialogue, I can listen well to your requests and wishes before the tour and design it, especially for you. Some like to visit famous tourist spots, while some want to avoid touristy places and see ordinary Japanese lives. I will listen to your interests and concerns, then propose my idea to make the plan suit your needs most. My tour mainly uses public transportation like subways or trains as Tokyo residents usually do so. Still, I may suggest a taxi or a hired car when you are worried about the long walk. The merit of a private tour guiding is its flexibility. You may change the itinerary according to the mood of the moment or weather, which is impossible in an extensive group tour. I promise my guiding time will give you and your family long-lasting memories. Please bring them as a gift!

A picture with a guest in Asakusa

Native Tokyoite focus on Tokyo guide

Tokyo is an attractive, diverse city. It is vast and rapidly changing day by day. The knowledge and information obtained yesterday become outdated today. As a native Tokyoite, I feel it necessary to focus on Tokyo guiding rather than undertaking other Japanese cities. Because this way, I can update Tokyo information and maintain my guiding quality superior to others. I try to incorporate seasonal events or special exhibits that only residents know or offer places that regular tours do not show. If you plan to visit other local cities looking for a tour guide, I will help you find one through my guide network. Some local guide associations are difficult to contact for foreign tourists. I believe area-specific professional guides know their areas much better than me.

A picture with a guests family in Japanese garden
A piture with a guest family at lunch

"With Ken's unique knowledge of the ancient area and Japanese history, we have enjoyed it so much as well as learning a lot more about Japan”

Above is a comment from my guest (see testimonials), but when you consider hiring me, price & payment terms must be significant.


My standard guiding fee up to 4 persons is Japanese Yen26,000 for 4 hours, Yen41,600 for 8 hours (see Price for details). The fee includes public transportation expenses in Tokyo metropolitan district (within Tokyo's 23 wards) paid by SUICA transportation card, so you can save precious time and money when using subways and trains. Payment term is fair - only 50% deposit via PayPal.

Inquiries are free of charge. Don't hesitate!

If you are interested in my guiding service, do not hesitate to fill in the contact form below and dispatch it. Any special request is welcome, and I enjoy problem-solving and new challenges. Inquiries and consultation are free of charge. When you hire me for multiple days, a 10% discount is applicable for guiding fees of the 2nd day and after. Contact me right now!


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Please fill in the form below and send it to me. I will respond to you quickly with a custom-made tour plan based on your interest and schedule. This consultation is free of charge, and whether you book me or not is 100% your option!

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