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Visible small white architecture? That is most western lighthouse in Japan.

The most western human-living land that belongs to mainland Japan (except Okinawa islands) is Goto archipelago, Nagasaki prefecture. "Goto" means five islands, and the most western island among them is Fukue island. At the western tip is lighthouse called Osezaki lighthouse. This is the most western lighthouse in mainland Japan, if you look west from here, the scenery is like this.

In ancient times from 7th to 9th century, Japan sent envoys to Tang Dynasty China to learn and absorb advanced knowledge and culture. The voyage at that time was very dangerous and participants took the risk at their lives. Actually, the envoys are 20 times, but about one third was unsuccessful and a lot of members were died by shipwrecks. It was such a dangerous journey, that the departure must be very pessimistic, and they decided to accept any tragedy, even death. For many participants to the envoys, Osezaki might be the last Japanese land they saw in life.

Today it is very fine, no wind, so the sky and sea are both blue and peaceful. Beyond the horizon should be China continent. I stand watching west with imagination of ancient Japanese's sorrow feeling.

Osezaki lighthouse



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