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Nice to meet you. Thank you for coming to my webpage. My name is Ken Oka.

A National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English) in Tokyo Japan, an owner of this website.

Tell me your wishes, and then design the plan for you within 24 hours

It is a hard job to choose one tour out of numerous proposals when you are not familiar with the city very much. What's worse, the existing tour plans might include attractions in which you may not be interested. It is a waste of time, isn't it? A private guide solves these problems. Just tell me your wishes or likes and dislikes, then I will immediately propose a day or a half day tour exceptionally for you within 24 hours, choosing the efficient route and business days & hours of the sites we visit. A private guide is flexible. We can change the itinerary depending on the weather, your physical conditions, or your inspiration. If necessary, I can make reservations or arrange advance tickets for you (I do not get any commission for the booking!). Of course, you will get in-depth knowledge about Japanese culture and history through the eyes of a local guide like me.

Native Tokyoite focus on Tokyo guide

Tokyo is vast and rapidly changing day by day. The knowledge and information obtained yesterday become outdated today. As a native Tokyoite, I feel it necessary that I should focus on Tokyo guiding rather than undertaking other Japanese cities, because this way, I can update Tokyo information and maintain my guiding quality superior to others'. In my guiding, I mainly use public transportation (train & subway) and walking as Tokyo residents usually do so. The fare is included in the guiding fee! I try to incorporate seasonal events or special exhibits that only residents know, or I try to offer the places that regular tours do not show.

No intermediator. Economical & Reliable.

I operate this website, so there is no intermediator between you and I. Direct communication is quick and efficient, and of course, more economical. Before we start the tour, I would like to dialogue with you directly to make my plan best match your wishes. The involvement of other platforms and intermediator is of no use for smooth communication. Besides, it is painful and time-consuming to choose a single useful guide out of an enormous guide list from a myriad of guide matching sites, isn't it?

30 years of international business experience

I am a relatively new guide. I jumped in this industry just a few years ago, and I brushed up my guiding skills in a volunteer guiding club in the 1st year (see my profile). Though the time spent as a guide is still shorter than veteran guides, I have more than 30-year experience as an international businessperson and a manager in Mitsui & Co., Ltd., a reputable Japanese trading house, and had worked in the global business field. So, I am good at communicating with people in different cultures. In addition to a guide license, I own a General Travel Service Supervisor credential so that I can give you advice as a travel professional, as well as a friendly guide. (See my guiding policy)

"With Ken's unique knowledge of the ancient area and Japanese history, we have enjoyed it so much as well as learning a lot more about Japan”

Above is a comment from my guest (see testimonials), but when you consider hiring me, price & payment terms must be significant.


My standard guiding fee up to 4 persons is US$200 for 4 hours, US$300 for 7 hours (see Price for details). The fee includes public transportation expenses in Tokyo metropolitan district (within Tokyo's 23 wards) paid by SUICA transportation card, so you can save precious time and money when using subways and trains. Payment term is fair - only 50% deposit via PayPal. US dollars payment is acceptable for your convenience. ​

Inquiries are free of charge. Don't hesitate!

If you are interested in my guiding service, do not hesitate to fill in the contact form below and dispatch it. Any special request is welcome, and I enjoy problem-solving and new challenges. Inquiries and consultation are free of charge. A 10% discount is applicable for all orders placed with more than one month advance of the tour day. Contact me right now!



Please fill in the form below and send it to me. I will respond to you quickly with a custom-made tour plan based on your interest and schedule. This consultation is free of charge, and whether you book me or not is 100% your option!

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