Ukiyoe printings - Ukiyoe influenced many artists like Gogh or Monet


For First-timers

It is said that Ukiyo-e printings gave a strong impact on the Impressionists in Europe in the 19th century, and a genius Katsushika Hokusai was an only Japanese selected as "The 100 Most Important Events and People of the Past 1000 Years" by US magazine "Life" in 1999 Millennium special publication.


The handy locations to enjoy some Ukiyo-e printings are Tokyo National Museum and Edo-Tokyo Museum, both places are also introduced in this website "History" page. They own famous printings and always exhibit them. The merit to visit them is you can see not only Ukiyo-e printings but also other exhibits to learn Japanese culture and history.


《Recommended destination》


 Tokyo National Museum

 Edo-Tokyo Museum

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For Repeaters

If you are an Ukiyoe lover, two famous museums concentrate on collecting Ukiyo-e printings, the Ota memorial museum of art in Harajuku, and Sumida Hokusai museum in Ryoogoku. As both facilities are located near major sightseeing spots, it is convenient for you to drop in without wasting your precious time. Furthermore, you may encounter a special Ukiyo-e exhibition for a limited time from time to time.


In case you are an Ukiyoe enthusiast and eager to purchase real Ukiyoe for you, I will take you to the Jimbocho area where you can find some art galleries and shops selling Ukiyo-e printings.


《Recommended destinations》

 Ota memorial museum

 Sumida Hokusai museum

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