Traditional performing arts - Drama, comedy, puppet, song & dance


For First-timers

Kabuki is the most popular traditional performing art of Japan in Tokyo. The actors wear the showy costume with conspicuous make-ups, perform excellent dancing and singing on a special stage. There are several theaters in Toyo, but the most famous one is Kabuki-za near Ginza. Another popular one is Bunraku, a puppet theater. Each puppet is operated by 2 or 3 puppeteers so its move is excellent. You can see it in the National Theater.

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2nd picture is created by modifying "Takiginoh(Sadogashima)" (© Yoshiyuki_Ito (Licensed under CC BY 4.0))

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For Repeaters

Noh and Kyogen are both performed on the Noh stage. Noh is so sophisticated and conceptual that it is sometimes difficult to understand even for Japanese. The actor wears a mask on his face but expresses various feelings with the only one mask. On the other hand, Kyogen is a comedy and much friendly. Originally it is an interlude for Noh programs, but recently it is played independently. It can be a good idea to see Kyogen if tickets are available. They are often played at National Theatre or Noh stages at various places.

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 National theatre

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