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Most travel guidebooks are written by places, but I introduce destinations according to cultural themes, in other words, by 8 popular sightseeing categories in relation to Japanese culture, and raise some possible destinations in or near Tokyo. Some of them are popular tourists spots and of help to know Tokyo for first-timers, but in addition, I have some more ideas for repeaters!

Please use the CONTACT FORM to inform me of your request, then I will combine the old and the new out of these categories to make an attractive, efficient itinerary for you. If you have any different idea on where to go, please do not hesitate to share it with me then I will definitely include it in the plan.

Meiji Shrine of Japanese Shintoism
Japanese authetic cuisine
Tea ceremony utensils
Scene of Japanese landscap garden
Japanese traditional perfoming art, Noh stage
Edo castle, a stage of Japan's history
Ukiyoe printngs of Katsushika Hokusai
Modern architecture in Ginza