Tea ceremony - is a matter of simply boiling water, making the tea and drinking it.


For First-timers

A tea ceremony is just drinking a bowl of green tea, but it has been located in a center of Japanese culture since Okakura Kakuzo introduced it to other countries by "A Book of Tea" about 120 years ago. It is said that tea ceremony gave strong cultural influence to Japanese cuisine, calligraphy, pottery, flower arrangement, architecture, etc.

There are several places in Tokyo where you can taste powdered green tea(matcha) traditionally, for example in some authentic hotels or public Japanese gardens. It is simple and easy. You just sit down a chair, then a bowl of green tea is served (The price is normally around Yen2,000/head, but it is sometimes exclusive for hotel guests.) You do not have to know the traditional manners of the tea ceremony at all. Frankly speaking, it is a much simpler style of tea ceremony, but it can be a good opportunity to experience the taste of powdered tea and interesting for you.


《Recommended destinations》

​ Keio plaza hotel Sho-fu-an

 Yuka an

For Repeaters

But if you have experienced tea ceremony to some extent before, you may prefer a more authentic one such as sitting on Tatami mat, watching professional host making a bowl of tea in front of you. If you feel so, I will be able to set up a real tea ceremony especially for you and your group at a real tearoom in a private house located at a peaceful Tokyo residential area. The host is a tea ceremony master of Urasenke school. It is also possible that we also prepare tea-ceremony-style Japanese cuisine (Kaiseki) in addition to serving tea. Please contact me for details.

Hakutaku-an in Kuhonbutsu

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