(This Information is updated on June 25, 2022)

As of June 10, entry into Japan for a short-term stay for tourism purposes has been permitted. However, it is still necessary to obtain an entry visa in advance, and for this purpose, the party responsible for receiving the visitor located in Japan must complete the prescribed application for the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up (ERFS) System in advance. ZENflow Planning (Zenflow Tours) LLC, represented by Japan Culture Guide/Ken Oka, is a registered travel agency in Japan and can apply to the ERFS.



In general, visitors to Japan are requested to obey the following conditions.

1. The entry must be for a short stay for the purpose of sightseeing.

2. The country of stay before entering Japan must be a blue country.

(See: https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/covid-19/border_category.html )

3. You are able to submit a certificate of negative test results from a test that was conducted within 72 hours prior to your departure.

4. The applicant must own a smartphone, have pre-installed the MySOS application recommended by the Japanese government, and is able to use the Fast Track (pre-entry screening) System. If not, they have to rent one at the airport.

5. The applicant must be willing to cooperate with the infection prevention measures and compliance with related laws and regulations in Japan.


Furthermore, the receiving party in Japan must observe the guidelines announced by the Japanese Government, which include the following conditions.

1. All the itineraries in Japan are fixed in advance.

2. An attendant from travel agencies must always accompany the visitors throughout the trip, from entry to exit.

3. When a traveler moves from Tokyo to Osaka/Kyoto, an attendant from a receiving travel agency should accompany the guest in the train, too.


Our opinion is that:

Above 1 & 2 is a difficult condition for us, and it should ruin the pleasure and joys of travel.

Above 3 is also difficult to conduct, and it should impose extra costs on travelers.


We judge it is still not the right time for individual travelers to visit Japan because of the strict control.


So, we will proceed to your ERFS application only when all of the following conditions are accepted.

  1. The place of stay must be in the Tokyo metropolitan area (Tokyo and its suburbs).

  2. The applicant must use the guiding service of the Japan Culture Guide (by Ken Oka) during his/her stay in Japan. (I need to be available during your stay. The 50% of the guiding fee is necessary as a deposit. If you failed to obtain an entry visa and the visit to Japan is canceled, we refund the deposit to you.)

  3. The number of people in your group is six or smaller.

  4. You can provide me with incoming/outgoing flight information and your personal info for the ERFS application.


The following information about the visitor is required for the ERFS application.

  1. Name                           As shown on passport

  2. Nationality                  Code of the passport for which you are applying for a visa (3 uppercase alphabetical characters)

  3. Date of birth

  4. Gender

  5. Passport Number         As shown on the passport

  6. Date of (planned) arrival

  7. Email Address              (Optional)

  8. Hotel Name

  9. Hotel Address


We will email you the ‘Certificate for Completion of Registration to the ERFS system’ upon our receipt, with which you must apply for the visa on your own. The certificate normally becomes available on the same day of the application. We do not guarantee the issuance of a visa or permission to enter Japan.


Please carefully read the following website of the Japanese government and understand the entry procedures and rules & regulations in Japan.

Embassy of Foreign Affairs



Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare for information on quarantine procedures upon entry into Japan.



About Fast Track



Visit Japan Web Service for customs declarations at the time of entry into Japan.



New Travel Etiquette for Visitors


If you agree with the above, please contact us to discuss specific dates when you use our guiding services.


Ken Oka

Japan Culture Guide &

CEO of ZENflow Planning LLC (ZENflow Tours)

Travel Agency (registered No. Tokyo 3-8195)

Okamura Bldg. B1-Room 09, 8-17 Nishigokencho,

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