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Guiding to Used vinyl record shops in Tokyo

Tokyo is said to be the world largest used vinyl record market and many record fans and collectors come to Tokyo to aim for finding treasures. Not only a large chain record shops but also unique, distinctive and very small private shops are scattered in some districts in Tokyo. Some of them are very difficult to find even if you have their address and maps, as if they would hide themselves from the customers! But what surprise visitors from overseas is not just the number of shops, but quality of the products. Used records sold in Japan are very well preserved and maintained probably because of Japanese culture of treating things with care.

One day I received from a customer a request to guide as many record shops as possible, so I prepared well for it for several months. First, I investigated the internet to make a full list (shop name, business days and hours, genres etc.) of used record shops in Tokyo, and then located them on the maps. Finally, I visited all of them one by one. Without the preparation, I would not have been able to bring the guests to the right places. After 3 days exploring all over Tokyo record shops, my customers were very satisfied with the result and took a triumph photo with me.

I most welcome vinyl record fans coming to Tokyo to find treasures. Making the most of the experience and materials mentioned above, I will carefully consider date and time and make a plan to visit right shops for you. If you are interested, please contact me through Japan Culture Guide website



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