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Fight between Tokyo and Osaka on sakura-mochi

Though it is still cold outside, weather forecast says it will be warmer next week heading for spring. Spring is a cherry blossoms season and it is common to view Sakura and eat sakura-mochi, so some teahouses on the street lined with cherry trees often offer it to cherry blossoms viewers. Many people cannot resist having a rest and eat it.

Sakura-mochi is a Japanese confection made of sweet red-bean paste and crepe-like crust or chewy rice cake, wrapped in a vinegar-pickled sakura leaf. The color is lovely pink, and it goes very well with green tea. The sweetness of the paste and vinegar-tasted leaf is exquisite combination.

It is interesting that there are two types of sakura-mochi. One is called “Choumeiji temple” and the other is called “Doomyooji temple”. The former looks covered with crepe crust and it originated in Tokyo, while the latter looks like steamed bun and it originated in Osaka. Each city is proud enough to have its own favorite type of confection, but both names come from the names of the temples coincidentally.



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