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Cherry blossoms season is just around the corner!

An early blooming cherry tree at Ueno park

According to the latest cherry blossom forecast, it will start blooming on Mar/21 in Tokyo, but it might be earlier because it is warmer and warmer last few days. Because full blossom is about 1 week after the start of blooming, we can enjoy viewing cherry blossoms by the end of March this year in Tokyo.

There are several famous cherry blossoms viewing spots in Tokyo, one of which is Ueno park. Walking by the entrance of the park today, I found some cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. They are an early-blooming kind of variety, and these trees are famous because of their location. Many people, both Japanese and foreigner tourists, were looking up the blossoms and took pictures. I joined it, too. But this is just a beginning. At the end of March, Ueno park must be filled with swarms of people.



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