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Can I travel to Japan?

Last week, our government announced that foreign tourists who visit Japan on 'package tours' arranged by some Japanese travel agencies are allowed to enter Japan from June 10. But the information about those package tours is so limited even in Japan that we do not know who will provide them and what procedures are required. Many customers contacted me and asked if I could be of help. Still, it is hard to answer the questions due to the lack of information here in Japan; unable to find sufficient details even from the government's website. I'm sure that my travel company and I cannot offer the 'package tours' our government referred to. I feel it is unfair that only a limited number of group tourists are allowed to enter the country.

Under such circumstances, I decided to wait until the time would come when all travel restrictions were lifted, and any individual tourist could enter Japan with the same and equal treatment. We foresee the time will be September or October this year, though it is still uncertain.

If you want to obtain entry visas to Japan as soon as possible, it would be better to contact JAL or ANA. They should probably know the qualified travel agencies offering those package tours because the airliners are reporting the number of travelers to the Japanese government to keep it within the target now.



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