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My Profile

I was born in 1962 and brought up in Tokyo, Japan. I am a native Tokyoite, received an education in Tokyo. Since graduation from a school of economics at Tokyo University, I had worked for a multi-national trading firm for more than 30 years and then jumped into the tourism industry after working as a volunteer guide. During my long business career, I had worked in various sectors. I visited more than 30 countries and 60 cities (including living in New York, Hong Kong, and Beijing) worldwide to learn international communication gradually. This experience made me realize the importance of understanding my own cultural background.

After 3 years experience as a freelance tour guide, I decided to expand my business for my fellow guides and set up a new company 'ZENflow Planning LLC' at the end of 2021, and the company is officially registered as a category-3 type travel company in Japan. My private guding service 'Japan Culture Guide' is still active under the name of this company now. 

Name/Gender/Age :   Ken Oka,  Male,  59

Title                 :   CEO

Company       :   ZENflow Planning LLC

Address          :   Okamura Bldg. B1-Room 09,

                             8-17 Nishigokencho, Shinjuku-ku

                             Tokyo Japan  162-0812

emai                :

Phone             :   +81-80-7792 1950

Language       :   English, Chinese,  Japanese

My Passion and likes :

Japanese culture (Religion and Faith, Japanese cuisine, Tea ceremony, Japanese gardens, Traditional performing arts, History, Ukiyoe printings, Modern architecture, hot springs etc.)

Areas Covered :

Tokyo and its suburbs including Yokohama, Nikko, Kamakura, Mt. Fuji/Hakone, Izu peninsula, Kawagoe, Yamanashi etc.

​My Belief :

Respecting diversity and cultural identity leads to world peace.

Credentials :

National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English)   Certificate No.EN04793

General Travel Service Supervisor   Passed 2017 No.29-232

​Travel Itinerary Control Manager(Domestic) Passed 2019 Sept

A member of Japan Federation of Certified Guides (JFG)

A member of Tokyo City Guide Club (TCGC)

Senior first aid certificate given  by Tokyo fire department

Urasenke tea ceremony certificate elementary level

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