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  • Once agreed on service contents and conditions, I will issue an invoice for a 50% deposit and send it to you by E-mail. Only pay 50% of the tour guide price to confirm a booking as a deposit at a time of booking.

  • Simply use your credit card or Paypal for the deposit payment.

  • If you need reservation such as food, transportation, tickets to attractions, etc., I would request for advance payment for those cost in addition to the deposit.

  • When I receive the deposit, I will send you the booking confirmation immediately.

  • The remaining 50% fee is to be paid in the same way by the tour day. 

  • If the Invoice is issued on or less than seven days before the commencement of the service, a 100% deposit is necessary.


Cancel Poliy
  • Any cancellation by you must be initiated by telephone to me at +81-80-7792 1950 OR by email to I will acknowledge your cancellation by email.

  • If you cancel booking that only includes my guiding service more than three days before the commencement of the service to be provided to you, I will refund the deposit in full amount less payment service company's 3.6% charges to you. No refunds if you cancel on or less than three days before the commencement of the services to be provided to you. (So, if the service is planned on Friday in Japan, the deadline for the cancellation is Monday 24:00 PM of the same week, Japan time.)

  • If you cancel a booking that includes extras such as food, transport, tickets to attractions, etc. more than three days before the commencement of the services, I will refund the guiding fee to you as mentioned above. But I will deduct cancellation fee and no-refundable portion for the extras such as food, transportation, tickets to attractions, etc. which I had already ordered on your behalf (I do my best to refund extras as much as possible, though).

  • In case the deposit is not refunded because of late cancellation, I would give you a rain check for six months valid from the date of the original tour day as far as you cancel by the previous day of the tour. This ticket is nontransferable.

  • If I cancel your booking after you receive my booking confirmation, for any reason, I will refund the 100% of the deposit (I owe all money transfer expenses) and all the costs for extras, if any, to you in full

  • This policy has been updated on Nov. 1, 2022, and the latest.

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