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Below is my availability calendar. A half-day tour is 4 hours, and a whole day tour is 8 hours. Standard business hours are set at 9:00 AM-5:00 PM to avoid crowds in the rush hours, but the guest's request can change it. In case of a half-day tour, you can specify the time schedule you want.


Please choose the available days you want and inform me of using a CONTACT FORM. If your requested day shows "unavailable," very sorry, but I am occupied for a whole day by other commitments. Even if I'm unavailable, I can assign another licensed guide to you if you accept. Let us start a discussion on your plan together. I do my best to prepare a proposal, especially for you, based on your interest and schedule.

Deadline  :  9:00AM on previous day of the tour
(for urgent booking call 080-7792-1950 or send SMS)
10% Discount from the 2nd day if you book multiple days !!

I disclose my schedule for the coming 12 months only (except peak season). Even if you plan your trip more than one year in advance, do not hesitate to contact me. It is most probable that I will be available.

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