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For First-timers

Tokyo is the capital of delicious food. Any kind of food, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, is very nice. But in Tokyo, please try Japanese food first. Authentic Japanese food is available anywhere in Tokyo, and some districts e.g. Ginza, Nihonbashi are famous for their luxurious, high-quality dishes and reputable service of the restaurants. These restaurants require you to make an advance booking in general, and remember, some restaurants are very expensive. So another recommendation is Kagurazaka, my hometown! It is a tiny town with an old Japanese atmosphere and there are a lot of tasty but reasonable restaurants. I can introduce anything in this town!

Many tourists think they want to eat Sushi in Japan. Eating Sushi in Tokyo is a good idea because it was the fast-food born in Edo (current Tokyo) some hundred years ago. But where to go to eat fresh Sushi? We all know the best and safe place is Tsukiji near Ginza. Although the world's largest wholesale fish market has moved to a different place, a lot of Sushi restaurants are still running the business in Tsukiji. Tsukiji experts know which Sushi restaurant is worth visiting, so ask local people where to go!

《Recommended destination》


 (My personal webpage introducing Kagurazaka

For Repeaters

If you got fed up with authentic food or liked to have some tasty dish on a budget, go eat ramen is recommendable. Ramen is a part of Japanese culture, so there are a huge number of kinds depending on soup taste or geographical location. It is easy to tell which ramen shop is good because good shops are always crowded and have a long queue. Please tell me about your location, then I can find trendy ramen shops for you.


Nightlife in Tokyo is one of the tourists' amusements, but you may feel a bit cautious about where to go even though Tokyo is safe in general. Local people know safe and interesting places well. My recommendation is Izakaya or a Japanese-style casual drinking establishment, so I will accompany you to go to the right place for dinner and after dinner in Shinjuku, Shinbashi, or Ikebukuro, etc.


《Recommended destinations》

 Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho

 Shinjuku Golden district

​ Shinbashi

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