Guiding policy under “new normal” (after COVID-19 pandemic)

  • I always keep a high hygiene standard in my daily life. I always wear masks outside, wash hands and throat when coming back home, and avoid going to space of airtight conditions.

  • I measure my body temperature every morning. In case I had a slight symptom of fever or continuous cough, I would politely cancel the guiding tour and refund the deposit.

  • I got the 1st dose of Pfizer vaccination on August 27, and the 2nd one on Sept/17 in 2021. In addition, I got the 3rd booster shot with Moderna on April/3 2022.

  • My guiding tour is using public transportation. To avoid rush-hour congestion, I would not ride subways or trains before 9:30 AM and after 5 PM on weekdays. If you do not want to use public transportation at all, I will arrange a private sightseeing taxi for you. The cost is about Yen5,000/hour (for more than 3 hours).

  • I do not wear a mask while guiding, but I will wear it if you want me to do so.

  • This policy may be adjusted as the government's order/request or customs in society changes.