My tour is not a ready-made but a customized one for guest by guest. I believe it has overwhelming advantage over a large group tour with fixed itinerary. For example, we can flexibly revise the itinerary depending on the weather, which is almost impossible in a large group tour. Don’t you think it nonsense to climb up the Tokyo Skytree tower in a heavy rain or walk a long distance under strong sunshine in summer? There are more merits. Some guests are worried if they can keep pace with other people because of age or poor physical conditions, while you can walk or rest at your own pace with ease in private tours. Besides above, you feel like having a coffee break in the middle of the tour, or you have a lot of questions to the guide etc. … You do not have to hesitate to do anything in private tours!

In my guiding, I would like to start communication with a guest as early as possible and share the guest’s thoughts, concerns, wishes and desires. Main part of my guiding is a wide and deep comprehension about Japanese culture (See below for details), but I adjust my plan based on a guest’s wishes and experience. If it is the first visit to Tokyo, some places are indispensable for the first comers. If any seasonal event such as cherry blossoms viewing or shrine festival etc. is available, I should try to include it in my plan. As a result, my tour plan meets a guest’s demand, and its route and schedule become efficient, so it becomes most attractive. As time is precious in travel, I think it is very important to make a tailor-made plan for each guest.

I welcome any request from the guests. In the past I received unique requests and dealt with them well. For example, some customers were a collectors of vinyl records and requested me to guide vinyl record shops all over Tokyo. You may not know that Tokyo is the world’s largest used vinyl record market. I made a list of all used vinyl record shops (more than 80 shops!) on the map, paid a preliminary visit to all of them because some of them are unbelievably difficult to find. I took my customers to those shops for 3 days, as a result, they could purchase many precious records and were really satisfied. Besides this, I received various request: to purchase beautiful Ukiyo-e (woodblock) printings, to visit various humanoid-type robot exhibits, to entertain kids by visiting Pokémon sites, to see industrial showrooms or factories, to experience magnificent nature… I always promise to do my best to locate the right places, and I am waiting for next unique order!


Most travel guidebooks are written by places, but I introduce destinations according to cultural themes, in other words, by 8 popular sightseeing categories in relation to Japanese culture, and raise some possible destinations in or near Tokyo. Some of them are popular tourists spots and of help to know Tokyo for first-timers, but in addition, I have some more ideas for repeaters!

Please use the CONTACT FORM to inform me of your request, then I will combine the old and the new out of these categories to make an attractive, efficient itinerary for you. If you have any different idea on where to go, please do not hesitate to share it with me then I will definitely include it in the plan.

Meiji Shrine of Japanese Shintoism
Japanese authetic cuisine
Tea ceremony utensils
Scene of Japanese landscap garden
Japanese traditional perfoming art, Noh stage
Edo castle, a stage of Japan's history
Ukiyoe printngs of Katsushika Hokusai
Modern architecture in Ginza

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