Modern / pop culture - high-tech & kawaii-ness can be found all over Tokyo


For First-timer

Tokyo is also a center of Japanese modern culture. Japan's most famous movie star, Godzilla, is waiting for you in two locations, (small) one in Hibiya near Ginza, and the other (huge) in Shinjuku, near movie theater of course. Please drop over to see him after shopping.

Kawaii-ness is a keyword to understand Japanese pop culture. There are three towns worth visiting.  One is Harajuku Takeshita street and adjacent small area, where you can find teens in unique outfits or cosplay. Takeshita street is also very famous for sweets, crepes in particular. The others are Akihabara and Nakano, OTAKU (geeky) paradise! Manga, anime, gaming, figures... are all available. Go to maid cafe's wonderland for the only time in your life!

For Repeater

There are a lot of fashionable buildings desighed by award-winning architects in Omote sando and Ginza, the former is just a few minutes walk from Takeshita street full of teens in unique outfits, and the latter is the largest shopping street in Japan. Architect watching has become very popular these days and these two districts are not-to-be-missed for those who love excellent architecture. It is possible for a professional architect to accompany you and give full explanation about these architecture as an expert if you like. (Please see i Travel Square webpage for details) 

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