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Below is my availability calendar. A half day tour is 4 hours and a whole day tour is 7 hours (we know 8 hours is too tough for most people from my experience). Standard business hours is set at 9:30AM-4:30PM to avoid crowds in the rush hours, but it will be adjusted upon guest's request. In case of a half day tour, you can specify the schedule you want.

Please choose available days you want and inform me using a CONTACT FORM. If your requested day shows "unavailable", very sorry but I am occupied for a whole day by other appointments. Let us start discussion on your plan together. I do my best to prepare a proposal specially for you based on your interest and schedule.

Deadline  :  9:00AM on previous day of the tour

(for urgent booking call 080-7792-1950 or send SMS)

10% Discount if you book 1 month advance !!

I disclose my schedule for coming 3 months only (except peak season). Even if your visit is planned ahead further, do not hesitate to contact me. It is most probable that I will be available.